Victoria Gol


artist / portraitist

Victoria Gol is a Toronto based artist. She began painting in 2001 and has since had 18 personal and shared exhibitions across the globe.

Her artworks have found new homes in over 15 countries, making the lives of their collectors more enjoyable.

Victoria Gol is passionate about portrait painting. Her goal is to allow the portrayal to breathe and express the model's personality, so that when you look at the portrait, you feel the presence of the person depicted.

She developed a distinct style that evokes deep emotions in her portraits through recognizable color feeding and shaping the forms with vibrant life. This technique allows her to fully express her vision and feelings while also sharing the beauty with the viewer.

Transform your photo into an artwork


Victoria Gol excels at expressionist color feeding as she freely, confidently, and easily shapes the form with brush strokes, revealing not only the vivid life of the subject but also the painter's romantic feelings.

B. Barmankulova, Art critic

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